Roxas; All Out Support For Duterte And His Call For Federalism


I found this video circulating online. Now, this isn’t recent. But i’m most definite that this was taken before Mayor Duterte finally announced his most awaited decision of running for presidency. On this talked about video, MarBobo Roxas is nothing but praises for our beloved Davao City and it’s equally beloved Mayor.

Going back to the NOW where Mayor Duterte and MarBobo are official rivals – what happened? Why is this person (MarBobo) full of angst towards the city and it’s leader? Is it because deep in his gut he knows that unless he makes drastic ninja moves, he does not stand a chance against Mayor Duterte?

Just my two cents, but i dont think we deserve a leader who is biased and thinks of himself as the kind of person that we need. Just because he cannot use Digong and Davao City to his advantage, he pulls us down and steps the life out of us. SORRY TO MARBOBO’S SUPPORTERS: MAGKANO BA TALAGA ANG INABOT SA INYO?

Mar Roxas is all praises for Davao City and Mayor Duterte’s Federalism.

“Davao City has always been know for quite a clear set of rules. These rules are steadfastly, reliably and consistently applied. You know exactly what is considered good citizenship and bad citizenship. I think that that is a quality of governance in Davao City that can benefit many other parts of the country.”

Roxas also said he supported Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s call for a federal form of government.

“I think that the call for federalism is providing an alternative solution to a problem. It’s not necessarily an end-goal in itself. I think the problem is that we ought to get more infrastructure spending, more social services spending, more business connectivity and interconnectivity, more enterprise promotion, and so on and so forth.”

Video Credits: Tatay Ash

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