Boyce Avenue: Music Seizing Davaoeños Hearts


The Florida-based brothers – Alejandro Manzano (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Fabian Manzano (guitar vocals), and Daniel Manzano (bass, percussion, vocals) – shot to worldwide popularity when they released (and produced) covers of their favorite songs seized Davaoeños hearts a day after Valentine’s day.

Boyce 02

Alan Echano

At least for the men of Boyce Avenue, the fame is justified. Sure, we may love a lot of cover songs, but their soothing and soulful style that they instill into them is worthy of the hearts they win over.

Boyce 16

Alan Echano

Their original music, consisting of those same acoustic melodies in their covers with a hint of rock, demands just as much respect, if not more for their honest and usually heartbreaking goodness.

Boyce 17

Alan Echano

Through the years they have since expanded their repertoire by writing and performing original songs. The result was fantastic.

Boyce 18

Alan Echano

Concert producer Ovation Productions scored a coup by bringing back the American band more than one year after its last local performance and scheduling the concert on two of the most romantic nights of the year.

Boyce 33

Alan Echano

The men of Boyce Avenue proved that whatever a few skeptics easily pass off as “YouTube cover bands” can be much more.



Photo credits to: Alan Echano
Special Thanks to: Vincent Tupas and Ovation Productions

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