Guinness Book of World Record instructions for residents of Davao City only (singing of national anthem)


Guinness Book of World Record Instructions for RESIDENTS OF DAVAO CITY ONLY who will join the event at Crocodile Park, Maa, Davao City on May 7, 2016 (As of 9:57 am May 3, 2016)

For non-residents of Davao and people who cannot go to the Crocodile Park, please refer to this page
Guiness Book of World Record instructions for those outside Davao City (singing of national anthem)

1. The venue for the singing will be at the Crocodile Park, Maa, Davao City

2. The simultaneous singing will start at 5 p.m. on May 7, 2016, Saturday. Registration will start at 9 AM exactly.

3. We are going to go for 300,000 participants, the current world record is 254,000. The event is dubbed as the “Guinness for Federalism”

4. All participants will go through a scanning registration process-no one can join unless you have a bar coded volunteer card which you can get from the National Head Quarters at San Ei Building, Maa, Davao City (Kubota). The registration process will be recorded as part of the GBWR requirements.

5. All bar coded volunteer cards must be given personally to the card holder since we have to secure your name, home address and contact details. Cards will be given out at the National Headquarters Maa Diversion Road, San Ei Building (Kubota fronting Firing range) from 8 am to 5 pm from May 3 to 5, 2016. There will be on site giving out of the cards on May 7, 2016 on a first come first serve basis. No one without the card will be allowed to enter-all must have a card even all the policemen, all media, etc. must have a card to enter the venue. This is all part of our security measures. We will be reserving a number of bar coded volunteer cards for on site registration at the Crocodile Park but once it is all given out we will no longer allow further participants to enter the vicinity of the singing area.

All vendors must be outside the perimeter of the Park since they do not have any bar coded volunteer card. Vendors can stay on the road outside the Park.

6. For those who are assigning one person to get your card as a group (like corporations,associations, schools, civic organizations etc) we need a formal letter from your organization, using your letter head, signed by your head and indicating the persons who are going to use the card. Each person given the card must provide details of name, cell phone number and home address.

Attached a separate sheet listing the names and contact details of the persons to be given the cards

7. Markers have already been placed at the Crocodile Park segregating all participants into groups of 50s (fifty persons per group). Each group of 50 will be assigned a Steward or Marshall.

8. Each group of 50 people must wear the same color of clothing. Meaning one group of 50 will be in red, another group in blue, another group in white, another group in yellow and so on and so forth. Guinness requires that we wear different color clothing for each group to easily distinguish one group from the other and make it easier for them to adjudicate. Each group of 50 will be assigned a Marshall or Steward who will be required to fill up a GBWR form as required as Stewards or Marshalls. The Stewards make sure that all is in formation and that all will sing.

9. There will be a signal before the start and after the singing. The signal will be the blowing of shofars of the churches in Davao.

10. There will be a musical ensemble which will accompany us courtesy of UIC, Davao.

11. There will be a conductor for the event. Watch the signal of the conductor.

12. For the sake of documentation purposes there will be 2 to 3 GBWR witnesses to the entire event. They will form part of our documentation by filling up a form given to us by Guinness.

13. Each must place his right hand on his breast and sing all through out. Every one must sing no one is allowed to go lip synching or else we get disqualified.

14. It is suggested that all must bring an umbrella or cap since Crocodile Park is an open field and we will be there from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. They must be remove or place down once the singing starts.

15. There will be a stage at the middle of the Park which is visible to all from front up to the back and the sides.

16. You can disperse or break ranks after the singing. But once the singing starts at 5 p.m. no one is allowed to leave the group where one is assigned. All are advice to get a toilet break and drink water prior to the actual singing.

17. Everything will be on pics and will be video tape. There will be 4 drones in the air. Do not be distracted by the drones.

18. Children who are of elementary and high school age are allowed to sing. No kindergarten children please. Children will be grouped separately from adults and will wear their colored school uniform if appropriate to easily distinguish them from each other. Instruct all children to please sing the national anthem all through out.

19. Lumad and our Muslim brothers and sisters can come in their native attire and will be group separately by 50s. Just in case their number will not be able to reach 50 as a group then we will assign other participants to join their group to complete the required number of 50.

20. Foreigners are allowed to sing with us as long as they are properly registered and have a bar coded volunteer card and know the lyrics of the song by heart. No one is allowed to carry a piece of paper when they sing. They must know the national anthem of the Philippines by heart.

21. There will be a sponsored snack provision for all participants. Let us be orderly in securing them. Kiosk are assigned on the side of the park for this purpose. (as of today we are still confirming this will update all)

22. There will be a flag in front of the stage. All must sing facing toward our flag.

23. There will be a Guinness Adjudicator from London who will be observing the event. Let us therefore abide by all these instructions since we might get disqualified if we do not abide by them. The Adjudicator will be accompanied by a local auditing firm requested for this purpose of documentation.

24. All eyes of the world will be on Davao that day so let us all be aware of this and make ourselves proud as Davaoenos and Fellow Filipinos. The Guinness Book of World Record Certificate once achieved will be in the name of the people of Davao.

25. Media cameras and other TV/Radio paraphernalia must be at least 5 meters away from the singing area in order not to distract participants.

26 There will be a formal program before and after the singing, so let us come to listen and enjoy.

27. As much as we want to accommodate everyone but once the cards run out, then we will have to say sorry and decline your wish to participate in the Guinness Event. Thanks for understanding.

28. We will sing whether it will rain or shine.

For the guidance of all patriotic hearted Davaoenos.


Instructions or guidelines may vary from time to time so please keep yourself updated by reading your Facebook account, listening to radio or watching TV on the matter.

Please print this copy for your file and further review. For further instructions please do not hesitate to email or call or post on my Facebook account Aji Garbanzos (AG Aji)

Thank you and Mabuhay ang Federalismo!!

Arnold A. Garbanzos, Guinness Consultant. 09162807752.

This event is sponsored by Friends of MRRD in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Iligan and the Mona Lisa Fraternity and Sorority


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