Offsourcing Candyland Year-End Party 2015


Offsourcing Phils., Inc, a large and fast growing BPO in Davao City has yet again outdid themselves this year in their Candyland-themed year-end party. With massive participants from all of their accounts, Davao Crocodile Park Concert Grounds was the perfect venue. Through thick mud and drizzle, the party did not stop and it was so awesome.

It started with a flash mob…

The OSam people wouldn’t be OSam if their President wasn’t…

They got their faces painted…

DSCF7271 DSCF7269

their Flaming Ferraris…


And mingled all night long…

DSCF7262 DSCF7329 DSCF7326 DSCF7324 DSCF7318 DSCF7317 DSCF7304

So good it lasted with Electronic and House Music by the guest DJ, WerWolvz!

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You  know what they say.. It’s more fun in Offsourcing!

Thank you for making this party possible:

Ayana Merquita – HR and Events Coordinator, Offsourcing Inc.,

Offsourcing Creative Team:

Jabar Umpar
Dawnie Detalla
Sheila Vergara
Miranda Jabines

Offsourcing Administration:
Johnny Cheng
AC Cubos
Edmund Lee
Roger Kuo

Special thanks to:
Chenx Mobile Bars
Bong Gallego – Event Director and Marketing Consultant, State of Mind Productions

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