7-11: Satisfying Davao’s Bite SOON!


DAVAO – Thrilled seeing a big tarpaulin covering one of the spaces in Abreeza? YES! Thank the god of Slurpees, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC) as the exclusive licensee of world-renowned convenience store chain brand 7-Eleven pushes through its planned expansion here, in Durian City.

Because 7-11 Stores are open 24 hours, they have staff to assist you with what you need though most of the drinks and hotdogs are on self service. This is actually a good idea, giving the customer the option to choose which hotdog they want on their bun, they can decide how much ice to put on their drinks.

Freedom can really be good especially if this is for the food we are going to eat and this is the place one would think of when looking for a quick meal, midnight snack hunting, roadtrip pit stop, post drinking hotspot and default lunchtime destination for faster-than-fastfood fillers during super hectic workdays.

Can’t wait? Me too!

Photo credit: Brian C. Visitacion


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