Doris Bigornia Misbehaves AGAIN


Scrolling through Facebook, I came across Mr. John Paul Sarsuelo Seniel’s post and he was venting his anger about a known media woman from one of the three major TV stations in the Philippines.

Why does this sound like a blind item? I don’t think it should because the personality Mr. Seniel was referring to was named.. so here it goes; Mr. Seniel, while doing an interview with Mr. Bong Go, was distracted by Ms. Doris Bigornia. She was apparently becoming an eye sore and was asked politely by Mr. Seniel’s colleague to step out a little when she replied: “sapakin kita”

Screen captured from John Paul Sarsuelo Seniel's facebook

Screen captured from John Paul Sarsuelo Seniel’s facebook

They say there’s always two sides to every story… but then again, I recall this is not the first time that I have heard about Ms. Bigornia’s misbehavior.

In 2015, she also got in a rift while in a concert of The Script.

Screen captured from

Screen captured from

In fairness, she (Bigornia) apologized but still denied most of the things that she said to Mr. LIM and his son.

Is Ms. Bigornia acting like this because she is well known? Is she power tripping? Now I don’t know about you, but when I was younger and was being rude, I got to eat a whole bar of soap to wash my dirty attitude with.

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