Duterte’s Latest Act of Badassery: On De Lima, 2016 Presidential Elections and DDS



Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is known for two things:

  • turning the country’s former murder capital into one of the most peaceful and safest cities in the world;
  • his on-point-non-sugar-coating statements about his brand of justice.

No wonder many are rooting for him to join the 2016 Presidential Elections, even though Duterte himself made clear, numerous times, that he’s uninterested for the said Presidential or any Senate position.

During his TV program on Sunday, he warned that, “if” elected president, the 1,000 killed could easily rise to 100,000 and make Manila Bay a dumping ground for criminal corpses.


But on a recent interview with Jessica Soho, he said that it was a form of exasperation.

While his supporters wowed this statement, not everyone became a fan of Mayor Rody’s blunt remarks—especially former Commission of Human Rights chairperson and current Department Of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima.

De Lima apparently took Duterte’s statement seriously, which she described as disturbing and should not be taken lightly. She said she has criticized the Davao Mayor over alleged involvement in vigilante killings even during her time as Commission on Human Rights Chair.

The outspoken and annoyed Justice Secretary advised the public against idolizing Duterte and even insisted that he should be held accountable for admitting his association with the notorious vigilante group.

As for his part, challenged the group’s members to file a case against him in court if they are really certain that he was behind the summary execution in Davao.

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Duterte has been quick to clarify that this is his “standard” of public safety and security in the city, and that even the foreigners, women and children can walk out in wee hours and go home safe.

His anti-crime methods, although questionable to many, also find a support base for some Filipinos who view the country’s slow justice system.

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