Teddy Locsin Jr.: Caesar or Nothing


Teddy Locsin Jr. – “How bad is the peace and order problem? It is bad. Worse than bad, it is anarchy.”

Teddy Locsin Jr. talks about CRIMES that happen around us; bad things that have been done to an old retired American from the US military. The way how waitresses in a restaurant are amazed at him for using his cellular phone in public, as they no longer carry theirs; OFW complaints about sending money back home not for tuition, but to pay for their children’s habits. Those are only a few, by the way.

Moving on to DRUGS, Mr. Locsin strolled down memory lane- back to how the British introduced the Indian Opium to millions of Chinese and how they got systematically addicted to it. Drugs today, according to him come from Chinese sources.

“Drugs and the crimes they spawn are a problem only Duterte can solve or SERIOUSLY start to do so”, according to Locsin.

As I talk about the Teditorial segment that I watched, I would have to admit that I may have committed a crime – a serious crime because I repeatedly raped the pause button. He spoke well and true about Digong; it could be in a way, THE PERFECT ENDORSEMENT one could give about our beloved Presidentiable.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this episode.

  • “Character cannot be hired; it can only be elected power”
  • “Do you hate the problem enough to break the law?”
  • “Can you be the cure that is worse than the disease and kill it?”
  • “But we all know, it is DUTERTE or NOBODY”
  • “If not Duterte, for he promises to resign, who can in his place, or can any of his rivals be, not do, BUT BE ANOTHER DUTERTE?” – A question that he says was never raised in the debate.

Only a few more days until May 9 and my stomach is filled with a ton’s worth of butterflies. I am afraid that with all this soaring ratings, Duterte’s rivals are in a stir right now and out of desperation – COULD THEY REALLY RESORT TO CHEATING?

Video Credits: ABS-CBN News

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