LANAO DEL SUR – A facebook post made by Hannah Ditucalan has gone viral when she published a video of a PCOS Machine releasing incorrect results.

If you watch the video carefully, they are saying that it is already their 5th try to test the PCOS machine. At exactly 1:12, they are complaining why the receipt reflected blank results for the Senators.

The person who took the video also posted on her facebook account that they conducted earlier testing on the PCOS machine. During their first test, they scanned a ballot without shading any name of a presidential candidate and the machine counted one vote for Roxas. Shocked by the result, they inserted another ballot with DUTERTE’s name shaded and it still counted one vote for Roxas.

See facebook post below:

Machine error? O what? Be the judge.

Comelec tamparan in LDS conducted today the final testing of machines for the upcoming may 9 elections.

It is a shocking incident that during the first try, a ballot was inserted without shading any name of a presidential candidate but the machine counted one vote for MAR ROXAS.

on the second try, the name of DUTERTE was shaded but when it was inserted in the machine, still it counted one vote for ROXAS. (the process was recorded in a video)

whether it is a mere error or not, it is surely alarming.

one inaccurate count of a vote is a frustration of the will of the voter.

let democracy rule.
let the election reflect the true voice of the people.

Posted by Ha Nah Dii on Thursday, May 5, 2016

Davao Rep. Nograles, nakatanggap umano ng ulat na napunta kay Roxas ang boto kay Duterte

Nakatanggap umano ng ulat si Davao Congressman Carlo Nograles na sa final testing ng Vote Counting Machine sa Lanao Del Sur at Mati City. Ang boto raw kasi na para kay Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, napupunta raw kay Mar Roxas.

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Posted by News5 Everywhere on Thursday, May 5, 2016

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