Eden Nature Park – Experience a piece of paradise on earth


The city of Davao is never short on attractive and wonderful places to visit. Among such places is Eden Nature Park and Mountain Resort in Toril, Davao City. Who would have thought that such place exists in this part of the city?

True to its name, Eden Nature Park and Mountain Resort is indeed a little piece of paradise on earth. Located about 3,000 feet above sea level, this 80-hectare heavenly getaway provides a magnificent view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf below.

Places of Interest
Anyone can, without a doubt, find solace in this mountain hideaway but as in most trips, your visit to Eden would be best shared with intimate friends and family. Among the places of interests within the park is the fishing village. For an entrance fee of P55.00 per head, guests can have access to this amenity and get a chance to catch hito and tilapia that can be cooked for their next meal in the park. Doesn’t this sound like an exciting chance for a father and son to bond?

The park also has a Jogging Lane and Hiking Trails for those who love to be on the move and pump up some oxygen. There certainly is no other place to do this than in this haven, thousands of feet up from the buzzing city below. Sweat out your worries as you brisk walk along friendly foot trails underneath towering pine trees with the soft southern breeze and birds singing in the background.

If you want to spend quiet time to contemplate the beauty of life and of nature, Plaza Maria is the perfect place for you. This serene place is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and was assigned a special spot in the park.

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Eden Nature Park - Sky Cycle

Eden Nature Park - Zipline

The Amphitheatre is another noteworthy place in Eden Nature Park. Being there is like being transported back to ancient Rome. Presently, this spot provides an extraordinary venue for masses, weddings, small concerts and other special events.

Ampitheatre 1

Guests, especially children, will also enjoy the Swimming Pool. Funny how they have a pool in the highest point of the park, but then again this is part of the amazing gifts this nature park has to offer. Adults and children alike can unwind in this pool while taking in the beautiful view of Davao City below.

One day will definitely not be enough for those who wish to experience Eden Nature Park at its best. For those who intend to get a real break from their hectic everyday schedule, spending a night or two up in this mountain resort is for them. They have comfortable rooms and cottages to suit every guest’s needs and can accommodate small and large groups. The Pine Lodge, for instance, is a two-bedroom cottage located in the middle of a pine tree forest; makes you dream of a scene from a Western film or a classic fairy tale. Adventurous people, on the other hand, can go bring their tents and sleeping bags and play happy campers in the park’s friendly campsites. They can choose between Campsite 1, which is more than a kilometer away from the resort’s center, and Campsite 2, which is situated just within the center of the resort.

Getting there is pretty easy. A taxi can take guests from the metropolis to the resort. From Davao City International Airport, it is about 90 minutes by car depending on traffic conditions.

Sales & Reservations: Matina Town Square, MacArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City
Phone: (+6382) 299-1020; 296-0791

Photos taken from Eden Nature Park & Resort Facebook Page
Photos taken by Davao Lifestyle Photographer: Norphy Manzano

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